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How Much Does a LED Sign Cost?

LED Sign CostOne of the most asked questions from potential LED Sign owners is “How much does a LED sign cost?”. While this is not an easy question to answer I’ll do my best.  I’ve analyzed 471 LED signs sold over the last 2 years. These LED signs were sold to businesses, churches, schools, etc. They range in many different sizes and options.

Final LED Sign Costs

  • Most Expensive LED Sign: $130,000 (double sided, full color, 26.6mm, 120 x 168 matrix, 4 LEDs per pixel, includes cabinet)
  • Average Cost of LED Sign: $18,800 (double-sided, full color, 10mm+, matrix varies, 3-4 LEDs per pixel, includes cabinet)
  • Least Expensive LED Sign: $4,500 (single-sided, full color, 16mm, 32 x 64 matrix, 4 LEDs per pixel, wall mounted)

Biggest Factor of LED Sign Cost

The biggest factor of the final cost of your LED sign is size. The bigger your LED sign the more it’s going to cost. I know that’s pretty self-explanatory, but it needed to be said. Bigger Sign = More Materials.

LED Sign Panels

LED Sign ComponentsLED signs are built with panels. Several of these panels will make up the final dimensions of your sign (minus the cabinet and other sign components) Sign Manufactures usually have a hard cost associated with these panels. They import the different components from around the world and put it all together.

These panels house the actual LED bulbs, wiring, cooling fans, etc… Different manufacturers utilize different designs, but the concept is the same. The amount of LED’s per board aka Pixel Pitch also contributes to the price per panel.

Single Sided vs Double Sided

Business LED SignsAnother major contributing factor to the cost of your sign is whether you have 1 or 2 sides to your sign. If your sign is next to a road or major highway you will more than likely want two sides. This will ensure as many people possible see your sign and message. Single sided signs are great for mounting on walls and sides of buildings.  Adding an additional side virtually doubles the cost, but in some instances is necessary.

Manufacturer or Sign Dealer

Something else to consider is where you’re buying your sign. If you buy straight from the manufacturer usually you can get a better rate. Some manufacturers might not let you buy direct and point you to a sign dealer. Just like Car Dealers, Sign Dealers buy their signs at wholesale and mark up the price. The impending cost can vary greatly from sign dealer to sign dealer.

Monochrome vs Full-Color

Monochrome LED SignYou need to think about the purpose of your LED sign. Do you just need an easy way to display text? Or do you need full-color capabilities? This step alone can help you determine the size, pixel pitch, etc… needed for your sign. Don’t let a salesman pressure you into buying something you don’t need.

How Much Should I Budget for My LED Sign?

If you refer to the beginning of this post the average cost of a LED Sign is around $18,800. If I were you, plan to budget at least $20,000 for a new LED sign. Spend enough time to really think of what you’re trying to accomplish with your new sign. Don’t get more than you need and make sure you get everything you do. If you’re a business then a LED sign is one of the greatest investments you can make.

3 thoughts on “How Much Does a LED Sign Cost?”

  1. You have not mentioned size anywhere. For example $18,800 is the average price but for what size? This is the most important part!!!

    1. Hello, That price is based on a wide variety of sizes and features. I took the average to give an ideal price point most people should expect when purchasing an LED Sign.

      Check out our Outdoor LED Sign page and you can filter signs by price, sign faces, pixel pitch, size and matrix.

      https://luxledsigns.com/ < = This link will show you all our available LED Signs. We're in the process of loading our Deluxe Models that have 4 LED's per Pixel and have other features not available in our Economy models. Even though our Economy models are a great fit for most use cases. We also can do complete signs, but require a custom quote do to the nature. You can get a quote here: https://luxledsigns.com/complete-led-sign-solution/

      I hope this helps!

      Let me know if you have anymore questions.

    2. Also the other 2 examples I give the Matrix Sizes.

      Here’s the dimensions

      Most Expensive LED Sign: $130,000 (double sided, full color, 26.6mm, 120 x 168 matrix, 4 LEDs per pixel, includes cabinet) Height = 6′ width = 8′. This was a full sign job. Not just the LED message board.

      Least Expensive LED Sign: $4,500 (single-sided, full color, 16mm, 32 x 64 matrix, 4 LEDs per pixel, wall mounted) Height = 1 1/2′ width = 3′

      These are not exact dimensions. Explore our products for more details.

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