How to Grow Your Business by 150% with a LED Sign

Today I want to talk to you about growing your local business. Whether you know it or not, your most qualified prospects drive by you every single day, and every single day you’re missing the opportunity to communicate with them.

Walk outside your building… Now…. look at your sign, if you have one…. What does it say? When’s the last time you updated it? Is it easily visible by passing traffic? Are you encouraging people to take action?

More than likely you’re not updating your sign that often. I don’t blame you. Manually replacing every single letter can be a nuisance. The problem though is you’re not getting the most benefit out of that valuable sign real estate.

It’s ok…. Don’t panic… Most businesses owners are guilty of this. I’m sure your sign isn’t something you think of that often. I’m going to help you fix this situation you’re in. We’re going to lay out a game plan that will keep your parking lot full and your profits growing.

Why LED Signs are A Great Investment

Here are some of the top benefits of owning a LED Sign:

  • Programmability – Most Outdoor LED Displays and Signs come with software allowing you to easily update your messaging and graphics.
  • Visibility – LED Signs are much more visible to passing traffic, even in direct sunlight. Allowing your message to be seen and read by more people.
  • Advertising Cost– LED Signs are generally the more effective and least expensive form of advertising.
  • Increased Business – Most businesses that switch to LED Signs see a 15-150% increase in business.
  • Safty – Traditional signs typically require you to physically change your messaging, Which is more dangerous and costly.

This is just the surface of the many benefits of owning a LED Sign. I highly encourage you to read our page about LED Sign Benefits.

Follow this Simple 3 Step Process to Grow Your Business with LED Signs

It’s been shown that just by simply updating your sign to a LED sign will help grow your business.


The reason this happens is because LED signs are better at attracting the attention of passing traffic to your message. Why stop there though? Why only update your sign, when you can use it as a tool to promote your products and services!

I like to break things down into more simple steps. This makes absorbing new information easier and increases the chances of taking action. I want you to take action because I know it will help your business or organization.

Step 1: Sign Location

Business LED SignsIf you already have a LED sign then hopefully you placed it where the most amount of people possible will see it. If not then you need to do that. It’s just math at this point. More people that see your sign the more potential business you’re likely to receive. This same principle applies to any form of advertising and your sign is no different.

Remember this! Your sign should do more than showing your logo and weather updates. Your sign is the best tool for communicating to your local population. You can’t have too many signs.

This is a big deal! So take your time and choose the best location. If you have more than 1 ideal location then buy more signs! If your building is tucked away look at options or possibilities of getting a sign by the road or other high trafficked areas by your business.

If you can only afford 1 LED sign then at least put banners in other areas that receive high volumes of traffic. Anything is better than nothing!

Step 2: Get a LED Sign

You have to get a LED sign. I’m not going to bore you with this post about the ins and outs of a LED sign. If you want to learn more about LED signs check out this page. We cover some basic vocabulary and functionality of LED Signs.

It’s a digital medium that’s better at getting people’s attention compared to traditional signs. This will be the best investment you ever make. It’s the most affordable advertising medium you’ll ever invest in. Not only that once you buy one it’s yours! It will continually work for you day and night.

If you need help getting a LED sign please fill out one of my forms. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

Step 3: Message Testing

Ok, let me make this clear right now. Having a LED sign in of itself isn’t going to do that much. Yes! It will draw more eyeballs and give you better control of your messaging, but you gotta craft and test your sign copy. You don’t have to be Edgar Allen Poe to get the job done either.

Don’t slack on this! It’s the difference between getting a little growth and massive business growth.

  1. Craft Irresistible Offer (Ex: Buy 1 Car get 1 Free)
  2. Deadline! (Ex: Offer ends tomorrow)
  3. Call-to-Action (Ex: Call Now)

So if we put all these magical pieces together we arrive with a message like this

Buy 1 Car get 1 Free! Hurry!
Offer Ends Tomorrow
Call or Shop Now

I know! This isn’t realistic… I’m just giving you an example. Keep your britches on.

See the key to any form of advertising is having a specific offer with a call to action. Your job is to continually test your messaging and see how it impacts your business. If you do this you will grow your business.

Here’s an idea: Create a special offer that is only promoted on your sign. Write out 10 different messages. You’re going to rotate these messages. The rate at which these messages are rotated should be determined by how many impressions they receive. If your business is more rural, then you might only change your copy once per 2-3 weeks. If you’re in the city then you could test your copy every few days.

At the end of the test see which one performed the best. Then this will be your primary message until you come up with something better.

This is how you take full advantage of your new LED Sign. It’s really up to you to take full advantage of this amazing tool.

If you’re serious about growing your business then fill out my free LED quote form. I’ll connect you directly to sign manufacturers to help you get the best possible prices for your new LED Sign(s).

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