7 Hilarious Business Signs

One of the first things a brick and mortar business invests in is their sign. Part of properly using your sign for business is to attract people with targeted messages. With traditional changeable copy signs, it can be quite a choir to replace your message with a new one. Especially if the local populace isn’t taking to kindly to your verbiage. That’s why we only suggest business led signs to our clients.  At least then you can quickly update your messaging.

Bike Shop Sign

This local bike shop’s message  promotes a healthy lifestyle change for men

Bike Shop Sign

Massage Therapy Sign

This local Massage business learns an important lesson on letter spacing

massage therapy sign

Irish Pub Sign

This Irish pub draws you in only to disappoint once you read between the lines

irish pub sign

Ice Cream Sign

This Ice Cream hangout wants you to keep your voice down…

Ice Cream Sign

Glass Repair Sign

I wonder how many full moon’s the employees at this Glass Repair shop receives on a daily basis

glass repair sign

Dentist Sign

Well…. I think I’ll just have to leave this as is… I’m sure they do good work.

dentist sign

Chinese Restaurant Sign

This Chinese restaurant want’s you know they haven’t seen your cat

Chinese restaurant sign

Humor can be an effective tactic for driving interest for your business. Just make sure it’s well thought out and appeals to your target audience. I wouldn’t recommend some of the examples I shared above.

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